Comar Technologies offers Physical Security as a service. This is basically a cloud computing solution that eases and frees the load of internal management of businesses to their professionals and buildings security. The traditional way of protecting an office building with a security guard has been upgraded. A cloud-based interface is used to help businesses manage doors, locks and other aspects of physical security from a simple web or mobile dashboard, while all the heavy-duty IT support is done by our physical security specialists.

We also feature access control by protecting the security of your business premises through setting authorization and authentication rules, as well as using physical barriers. Access control works by assigning badges to the professionals who use your space. A unique, identifying number is encoded in each of the badges, which takes the form of swiping cards, RFID chips or even QR codes. Each ID number has a designated level of access, which allows cardholders to access certain amenities based on their clearance level, time of day and other factors you would implement.

Instead of turning visitors loose, you can manage their movements and even revoke their access using visitor access controls. This allows you to assign temporary badges to visitors which can be designed to expire after a certain amount of time and enable you to decide where, exactly, each visitor can go within the facility.

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