Has your business strategized for a major disaster? How long would it take to get back up and running in case it happened? What if all your data became suddenly inaccessible? Hacking, malicious software and employee error can also cause loss of data. If such risks are ignored, the technology that operates all your business activities could end up costing you everything. Comar Technologies saves businesses from unfortunate loss of data & backup failures with cost-effective data recovery solutions. Our proactive approach significantly reduces the time & money spent and provides peace of mind when disaster strikes.
Cloud backup services from Comar Technologies are fully automatic. It works even when you’re not thinking about it. A managed cloud backup solution is integrated through a software program installed on the computer. The program scans the files on the computer and transfers copies to our cloud-based backup servers. If a file is changed or added, the software synchronizes with the cloud to ensure the latest version are always updated on the cloud and saves all previous versions too.

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